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This land is cold and dead,

a sterile white breath

that stretches out, blameless,

into the grim, soft ether.

There is no memory here

that does not succumb to ice,

no trace that lingers longer

than the next great storm.

It has been six days since

the Hunter embarked to do

what it is that hunters do,

treading, boot step by boot step,

further into the hollow maw.

On the seventh day, his wife sends

their wolf-dog, Helga, out

to find him and bring him home.


WASD                 = move

Space                  = jump

E                             = howl

Left Mouse      = wolf vision

Right Mouse   = bark

Escape                = return to Title Screen to Quit.

More from this developer: https://johnvanderhoef.itch.io

Install instructions


1) Download the file; 2) unzip the file; 3) open the .exe file.


1) Download the file; 2) unzip the file; 3) open the .app file. 4) Control + Left Mouse click file, select Open.


Hundvan.x86_Data.zip (305 MB)
Hundvan.x86.app.zip (309 MB)

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