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When you're the sort of person, having traveled halfway through the game, who turns back just to make sure the fire is out. XD

Thanks for playing!


A beautiful narrative journey of self-healing and self-discovery, done with a soothing voice that feels alive. Graphically an astounding piece of art as well. Only fools would miss out on this. It is profound.

That is my review and I gave you five starts. Anything less would be criminal.



Beautiful scenery and great voice acting, only thing that slightly annoys me is the head boobing. I get the effect it can have, and it's nice in the start but it kinda makes me feel sick after a while, just wish there was an option to turn it off in the settings.

A very, very detailed THANKS!

A very nice game with super graphics and great sound. The voice acting is superb and tells a really good story. Another fantastic game John. Keep em coming... :)

Thanks, Kevx. I appreciate all the small games you give exposure to through your videos. There are so many games on here that it's nice to visit your channel to see a sampling.

Very nicely put together. An easy going adventure with a great tale. Weel done.


Thanks for playing!