A robot serenades its comatose creator.

01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 (Love) is a comedy game about a robot who sings to its creator while she is in a coma. Players can shuffle through the many songs at will while exploring the science facility. The story unfolds through the songs which range from comedic to tragic. Players can also shoot some hoops to pass the time while listening to the songs.


WASD                             = movement

Left Mouse Click      = sing

E                                        = pick up (if object allows)

Right Mouse Click  = throw object

Note: Most apple laptops have Right Mouse Click defaulted to a two-finger click on the trackpad.

Space                              = jump

Escape                           = return to Title Screen to Quit.

For FULL SCREEN, click the box icon in the lower-right of the game screen.

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