After surviving a mutiny and a savage storm that wrecked his ship, a young pirate must find a way to survive on a deserted island. However, he soon discovers he is not the only one to survive the shipwreck.

I recommend using the icon in the lower right-hand part of the play screen to switch to full screen mode.

* * *

''A Game of Wits and Pistols''
a short story game
by John Vanderhoef

Cover image: Marooned (close up).jpg:

Music by GWriterStudio

Ocean Village - GWriterStudio
Tropical Jungle - GWriterStudio
Peat Swamp - GWriterStudio

This story game was completed as part of a tutorial series to illustrate the basic functions of Twine for an interactive narrative course I teach. Therefore, everything from the structure to the puzzles to the narrative were created on the fly and do not reflect my work as a whole.


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Nice; I got a bit of a "Secret of Monkey Island" vibe from this.

That's not at all by accident. That game was very influential to me in my childhood.

What tutorial series?

It's for a class I teach. I probably won't be releasing them for the public since they contain information restricted to the class.