Most Watched, Most Trusted is a short, visual story that explores the ways people can become corrupted by the news media they watch and read.

It uses the Flick Game tool to tell a simple, yet interactive visual story about an elderly woman who grows suspicious and resentful of her neighbor after watching too much Fox Tox News. 

I've wanted to make a game based on this idea for a long time. I just discovered the Flick Game tool a week ago, and I thought I could execute my concept on a very modest, yet still effective scale.

The Flick Game tool has a lot of limitations, which made this project fun to conceptualize. You are limited to only 16 slides, which means stories have to be very tightly constructed. As a result, this is a story that you can finish in 30-60 seconds, depending on how long you want to admire my glorious art work.

Check out the Flick Game tool at

How to Play the Game:

Certain colors on each screen are clickable. Once players click on them, the story advances.

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Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorJohn Vanderhoef
GenreVisual Novel
Made withFlickgame
TagsAltgame, artgame, flickgame, Hand-drawn, html, Mouse only, Parody, Pixel Art, political

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