You are accused of a heinous, monstrous crime: the kidnapping of a little girl. You're under the hot lights in a police interrogation room. You're sweating, eyes bloodshot. The police think you have something to hide. They are right.

Standing There is a short neo-noir game about a man named Andy, accused of abducting a little girl. He swears he didn't do it, but as the police interrogate him, an almost darker truth emerges. Through a series of short cinematic vignettes, the game explores the concepts of truth, guilt, memory, morality, and monsters.

Standing There takes ~15 minutes to play and is best experienced with headphones.


WASD                 = move

Mouse                = look around

Escape               = menu

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See the graphically-superior downloadable version here:


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Overall this was a pretty good experience to go through. i enjoyed the storyline and the twist. good story

Thanks. The downloadable Windows version looks a lot better than this, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!