Major Update

Major Update: 

  • I’ve added a Boss Rush mode to the game! From the title menu, players can jump right into a Boss Rush mode that has them working their way through all the game’s bosses (17!), back to back, with just five lives. Good luck.
  • I’ve also added a Music Test screen accessible from the title menu. The music by Jordan Davis is so good I wanted people to be able to just listen to each track, if they want, seconds after popping in the game.
  • I fixed a rare glitch that would scramble background tiles on static screens occasionally.
  • I fixed a glitch that involved player interaction with solids affecting other objects as well.
  • I fixed a rare glitch that would soft lock on the end boss.

I expect more updates in the next 2-6 months to bring to this game the level of professional polish one might expect for a physical release. And say, if that happens, I wonder...


neMULEsis_EA_2.2.22.nes 512 kB
Feb 03, 2022

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