Wart Worm Wingding Officially Released!

Wart Worm Wingding is officially released to the public!

This has been a labor of love. After completing my NES game Wampus, I realized I was still in love with the characters and the world of that game. So, I endeavored to expand the universe and create a semi-sequel using another game genre, a single screen platform action game inspired by games like Bubble Bobble and Dig Dug. I also liked the idea of playing through a game next to somebody on a couch. I hope you too can play Wart Worm with a friend, child, partner, or somebody else close to you, preferably with an NES controller in hand.

Special Thanks:

Dale Coop

Ben Burnes

Joe Granato

The NESMaker community

All the Kickstarter backers


Wart_Worm_Wingding.nes 512 kB
Jun 28, 2020

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