Major Bat Lizard Bonanza Update

Bat Lizard Bonanza Updates

  • Added a Hyper Mode that doubles the speed of the game’s scrolling for players who want a unique experience after finishing standard mode -- or just want to run through the game in half the time! It's fun and a very different experience.
  • Changed graphic for player projectile.
  • Changed third weapon upgrade to auto fire when players hit B. When powered up, players now fire two projectiles (the normal one and one that goes up and then right). This makes fully powered-up players feel more powerful but still allows players to choose to drop “bat bombs” using the A button. It also is the very limits of the objects I can have on screen given the base code here.*
  • Changed color of enemy projectiles to differentiate them from player projectiles.
  • Fixed issue with edge screens where players could backup to the previous scrolling screen, which led to glitches and issues.
  • Updated graphics on Level 3: Smithore Mines.
  • Changed default lives to five to make the game more accessible while maintaining challenge.
  • Adjusted cool down when firing weapons. In practice, it's similar to previous versions.
  • Changed enemy death animation.
  • Improved boss death animation.
  • Adjusted other enemy and boss monsters, including hit points and AI behavior.
  • Small graphical changes to bosses and environments to improve visual quality.
  • Many other miscellaneous changes to provide a better experience.

Note: If you’re one of the handful of people who previously special ordered a Bat Lizard Bonanza cart and want to upgrade to the new version, I promise if you pay the money to ship your cart to me, I will front the money to ship it back to you with the latest version. This message is only for the three or four people out there who have carts.

*Known bugs: Randomly, or perhaps when the screen reaches its object limit, the player weapon power-ups will reset. I’m trying to diagnose this issue, but for the moment, it does appear on occasion.


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Nov 11, 2021

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