Massive Update and Kickstarter Announcement!

I have big news! Bat Lizard Bonanza will have a Kickstarter very soon to fund a complete-in-box physical release! The timing is still being worked out, but it will be within the next few months.

If you want to stay informed about the imminent physical release for Bat Lizard Bonanza or the other as of yet unreleased games in the MULEniverse NES series, consider signing up for the listserv here:

In anticipation of this big event and in order to deliver the best game possible on its permanent cartridge home, I have made a number of quality-of-life improvements and significant updates. These create a much better experience overall.

These updates include:

  • The music/sfx mix has been improved, resulting in a much better overall sound quality to the sound track and game (thanks to Jordan Davis for this).
  • Enemies and point pickups now give players 2 points each, meaning players earn extra lives in half the time. This makes the game more accessible while still maintaining a challenge.
  • Environmental hazards have been added to levels 3-7 to vary gameplay and force players to play a little differently at times.
  • A Boss Rush mode is now available from the title menu. Players can challenge 11 of the game’s 15 bosses one after another – but be careful! You only have one life to do it! A brutal but fun challenge!
  • Updated the behavior/attacks of several bosses to make them more engaging.
  • Added a continue option after game over. Now, when players run out of lives, they can choose to continue the game at the start of the level where they died. Players also have infinite continues. Hopefully this encourages more people to play to the end.
  • Reduced the player hit box.
  • Some visual changes to a few enemies.
  • Various small (and large) bug fixes.


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Jun 09, 2022

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