Updated Weapon Powerup System

Hey all,

The progression of powerups in Bat Lizard Bonanza has never really sat right with me. I also felt that it took a little too long for players to feel "powerful."

While I am still limited by a lot of the backend architecture of the game, I updated the system so that it simplifies input and maximizes the feeling of power.

The A button is no longer used for any weapons at all.

Instead, with one weapon pickup, players will now automatically fire their normal projectile AND a smaller bat projectile that flies down and then right before disappearing, like a missile.

If players pickup a second weapon pickup before dying, they will now alternate between a bat that flies up and right and one that flies down and right, all while still firing their main projectile. This is a compromise to keep objects on screen down while still giving the player a sense of meaningful power. As a result, the game is even more fun to play, IMHO.

I've also adjusted a few other minor things.

I'm thinking of overhauling some levels to force players to navigate the level architecture to create moments where endless shooting isn't the goal. My original design plans didn't include this because I wanted players to focus on navigating enemy formations without the stress of navigating environmental hazards. This change, if implemented, will require some thoughtful redesigns, so it's a maybe for a future date.

In the mean time, as always, this is closer and closer to the ideal Bat Lizard Bonanza experience.

Oh, and the game, along with the rest of the MULEniverse, is currently on sale for Easter Weekend.




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Apr 17, 2022

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