Hey all,

This is a pretty massive update to Leggite Luta Livre. It’s essentially a RELAUNCH of the game!

If you haven’t played yet, or haven’t played in a while, I recommend downloading (or buying and then downloading) the game to give it a go.

It’s currently on sale, too!

I am planning on a Kickstarter in 2023 for an official physical release on the NES. If you want to stay informed about this the other as of yet unreleased games in the MULEniverse NES series, consider signing up for the listserv here:


  • Remastered sound effects!
  • Added the ability to level up as you progress. As players defeat enemies they now earn EXP points. When their EXP meter fills up, they receive an upgrade. There are three health upgrades, raising the player’s health from the default five to eight, and three power upgrades, with each upgrade increasing player damage by 1 point. This new system provides a better sense of progression for the player’s abilities to match the story progression.
  • If players are fully upgraded and fill their EXP bar, they earn a 1up – as long as they have less than the maximum of three.
  • Added a brand new enemy type to the final level.
  • Added a small combo if players attack three times in a row without moving. The third strike in this combo creates a bigger foot and does one extra damage to enemies. It also knocks enemies back.
  • Adjusted boss and enemy health across the board to balance for new power and health upgrades.
  • A boss rush mode has been added. Players can now challenge all nine of the game’s unique bosses back to back in a special challenge – but players don’t get any of their power ups!
  • A Music Test mode has been added. Players can now jam out to the game’s soundtrack.
  • Added some i-frames and reduced the amount of “stun” time after players get hit.
  • Updated dancing mule boss to better match the size of other bosses and avoid resulting issues.
  • Added a GO sign after clearing a screen.
  • Improved player tracking on enemy projectile weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where bosses would get stuck along the bottom or top of the stage barrier. Adjusted some boss hit boxes as a result.
  • Fixed a bug from the last build that accidentally made most monsters ignore tile collisions. Oops.
  • Added more complex HUD and updated the visuals.
  • Updated the camera somewhat to behave better after stopping and starting.
  • Changed some boss behaviors and attacks so fights are more dynamic. 
  • Changed a few enemy behaviors to improve player experience.
  • Other minor cosmetic and visual changes.
  • Other minor improvements throughout the game. Honestly, I would guess at dozens or hundreds of little tweaks. I lost track.

Future Updates leading up to the Kickstarter for the physical release:

  • Some continued tweaks to certain sound effects.
  • Trying to squeeze in two more short music tracks.
  • Improved spawning of power-ups from boxes.
  • Continued efforts to mitigate slowdown.
  • Fixing issues with player foot sprite during jump kick attack.
  • Address random graphical glitches.
  • Address an issue where enemy fists sometimes appear on the wrong side when transitioning out of hurt state.
  • Minor bug fixes as they arise.
  • Incorporating player feedback.


Leggite_Luta_Livre_Remaster_6.30.22.nes 512 kB
Jun 30, 2022

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