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Leggite Luta Livre is an arcade beat-em-up for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

One hundred solar cycles have passed since the three-front revolution on Irata that overturned settler rule and led to a new era of peace and prosperity for all the native creatures of the planet.

In this time, some of the former colonists who remained on Irata have settled down. The Leggites developed martial arts and now live in peace with the local fauna. But the spheroids have turned to organized crime. 

Their boss, Chunga, uses violent thugs to control his territory and keep a boot on the neck of the local population. Chunga thought he was untouchable. And he might have been.

But then he decided to mess with Leggette and her family.

This game features five missions. Players have a dynamic set of moves that include a standard kick, a jump kick, and a roll maneuver that can be combined in unique ways to create engaging combat encounters. Players can also pick up two projectile items that further extend combat choices.

There are nine unique boss battles, multiple enemy types, and an entire alien world to explore and liberate. You are Leggette. Your child has been kidnapped by an evil mob boss. It's time to clean up the streets of Irata.

For updates on the physical release of the game, join the listserv: https://forms.gle/EJyJts2FG7UoFhRU7

* * *


Note: Leggite Luta Livre is best played with a controller.

Directional Pad                - Move Up, Down, Left, and Right

Select                                     - Change Menu Selection (Title Screen)

Start                                       - Begin Game /  Pause

B                                              - Standard Kick and Projectile Attack

A                                             - Jump Kick / Skip Cutscene

Hold Left/Right + A     - Roll Left or Right (a must for game mastery)

* * *

Leggite Luta Livre is the fourth game in the MULEniverse series, which narratively extends the work of Danielle Bunten Berry's MULE economic simulator game.

The MULEniverse games include:

1. Wampus

2. Wart Worm Wingding

3. Bat Lizard Bonanza

4. Leggite Luta Livre

5. neMULEsis

* * *

Music and sfx by Jordan Davis.

* * *

FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE: I recommend getting an original NES controller and a USB adapter for it. You can find one here or here. You can also use any gamepad for a similar experience.

For really enterprising types, this game is fully playable on an actual NES. You can use either an Everdrive, a PowerPak, or flash an empty cart, as long as each has mapper 30 support.

* * *

Leggite Luta Livre was made possible thanks to NESMaker, an engine developed to make NES development more accessible.

In order to play Leggite Luta Livre, you'll need an NES emulator. I recommend FCEUX. Many emulators do not have mapper 30 support, which is the mapper NESMaker uses for its games. 

Once you have FCEUX downloaded, start it up and open the Leggite_Luta_Livre_Demo.nes ROM. The game should work fine.

FOR MAC USERS: Download OpenEMU for Mac. When you open the program, right click on the Nintendo (NES) category on the left hand sidebar and select "Default Core." Then select FCEU.

* * *

More from this developer: https://johnvanderhoef.itch.io


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Leggite_Luta_Livre_Remaster_10.4.22.nes 512 kB

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got in bundle for Ukraine, tried to download it for first time and now I need to pay. I'll pass I guess

You may need to access it under bundles you own. That is not up to me. That’s how Itch organizes bundle content.


New NES game, this is exciting!


Bug report: When you jump kick next to an object that prevents you from moving forward, the leggite's foot goes flying by itself (in 3.18.22).

Thanks. I'm aware of that issue and hope to fix it in a future update. Cheers.


What's a .nes file lols? I downloaded it now what? I'm on Windows 10 btw.


It’s a ROM for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. To play on your PC, I recommend downloading the NES emulator MESEN. It’s free. You can Google it.

And if you can, play with a controller. You’ll have to configure the buttons in the emulator under Inputs.



Likely won't happen lols, no worries it came in the Ukraine Bundle so I was expecting some games to of course not play on Windows directly, in fact the Ukraine bundle is a huge hodge podge of everything, From VR to Roms, to Printout Games, to Music, to Ebooks, to PDF's to Video games, and the list goes on! Some Developers bundled games within the Bundle making it easily 1100+ games in all honesty!

No worries. Thanks for supporting the bundle. And it’ll always be here waiting if you ever get an itch.


If I get an itch, it's usually only to colab on a game tbh, I haven't made a new game in awhile, due to how the world has played out, but equally I'm in my seat if anyone has an itch, and bam I colab lols.


Who would think an economic simulator game could inspire such a diverse series of games? But it's awesome it did.


I'm glad you enjoy them!