2 New Music Tracks Added!

After the massive update recently, this is a relatively small one.

  • A few minor updates to some sound effects.
  • Two new songs added for the second half of level 1 and level 5. Both of these are now available in the Music Test mode.
  • Special thanks to Jordan Davis for the sfx and music!

If you want to stay informed about the physical releases for Leggite Luta Livre or the other as of yet unreleased games in the MULEniverse NES series, consider signing up for the listserv here: https://forms.gle/8BycsAcYpaMHoB5F6

Future Updates leading up to the Kickstarter for the physical release:

  • Improved spawning of power-ups from boxes.
  • Continued efforts to mitigate slowdown.
  • Fixing issues with player foot sprite during jump kick attack.
  • Address random graphical glitches.
  • Address an issue where enemy fists sometimes appear on the wrong side when transitioning out of hurt state.
  • Minor bug fixes as they arise.
  • Incorporating player feedback.


Leggite_Luta_Livre_Remaster_7.2.22.nes 512 kB
Jul 02, 2022

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