neMULEsis Now in Early Access

I just released the entire single-player campaign for neMULEsis, the fifth game in the MULEniverse, as an Early Access ROM.

The current released version of neMULEsis is considered an Early Access version. It contains the full single-player campaign that is playable from start to finish. However, it still has a few hiccups, and a planned 2-player mode is currently absent. But I wanted to make the game available to anybody who is interested in just the single-player experience. As always, if you encounter bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please leave a comment in the forums below.

Basically, I'm about to get really busy, and I wanted those interested in the game to have access to it if they so desire.

Also, to celebrate the release of neMULEsis, the entire NES homebrew MULEniverse saga is 30 percent off -- including neMULEsis itself!

Or grab the all five games in a bundle for just $14!

Here's a link to the sale:

Always fight injustice,


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