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Updated Package to include ROM, Manual, and Box Art
I have updated the download package to include the latest ROM, manual, and box art from my recent Kickstarter for a small physical release of Bat Lizard Bonanza...
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Kickstarter Bat Lizard Bonanza Update
Hey! In order to prep for the official physical release of Bat Lizard Bonanza, I've gone through and made a number of tweaks to create the definitive edition of...
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Kickstarter Prelaunch Page Now Live!
Hey! I'm happy to announce that the Kickstarter for the physical complete-in-box NES release for Bat Lizard Bonanza is coming very soon! The official campaign w...
Massive Update and Kickstarter Announcement!
I have big news! Bat Lizard Bonanza will have a Kickstarter very soon to fund a complete-in-box physical release! The timing is still being worked out, but it w...
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Updated Weapon Powerup System
Hey all, The progression of powerups in Bat Lizard Bonanza has never really sat right with me. I also felt that it took a little too long for players to feel "p...
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Lunar New Year MULEniverse Sale!
The entire MULEniverse is on sale as part of's Lunar New Year Sale! Each of the five MULEniverse games is 20% off! If you're missing some of the series...
Major Bat Lizard Bonanza Update
Bat Lizard Bonanza Updates Added a Hyper Mode that doubles the speed of the game’s scrolling for players who want a unique experience after finishing standard...
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Big Update Coming Soon
Hey all, I just wanted to give everybody a heads up that a pretty big update to Bat Lizard Bonanza is coming soon. This update will improve the overall experien...
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Please use this space to document bugs and/or suggest minor changes to the game's design. At this advanced stage, the le...
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