Minor Update: Opening Narration and Grass Tweaks

I made some modifications to the layout of the grass in the game. It's less garish now.

I also added a long-overdo opening narration to the game to provide some initial context before players jump into the world at large.

As I near the end of my time with the MULEniverse on the NES and the completion of the fourth title in the series, a beat-em-up titled Leggite Luta Livre, I'll be revisiting all of the games to make minor tweaks and adjustments. The goal is to eventually run a Kickstarter for a massive four-game boxset with special packaging and a MULEniverse booklet as a culmination to the four-game, four-genre-spanning project.

Until then, enjoy a slightly better Wampus -- and check out the other games in the series if you haven't already.




Wampus_DX.nes 512 kB
Jan 24, 2021

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