Demo for New NES Game Now Available (Orebody: Binder's Tale)

Since you’ve previously enjoyed Wampus, I just wanted to let you know that I have a free demo up now for my latest in-development NES game, Orebody: Binder’s Tale.

You can grab the demo here:

Orebody: Binder’s Tale is a linear platform shooter for the NES that takes place on the alien world of Orebody. As an orphaned battle bot named Binder, players fight their way to the Floating City of Galvanstad, a hovering A.I. fortress, to confront their makers and avenge the death of their mentor. 

Traverse five unique stages, wield five weapon types, expand your move set as you progress, and battle over 10 vicious bosses!

Binder’s Tale is part of the larger Orebody universe. On the planet of Orebody, life is a struggle, alien factions quarrel, and power comes from deep in the ground.

I apologize if you’re seeing this message several times. I’m sending out update messages for all my NES games and there is likely a lot of overlap. With no marketing budget, we have to work with what we have to inform people, right?



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