Big Update Coming Soon

I have a big update coming to Wampus DX very soon. Maybe as soon as this coming weekend.

I've added two new ability upgrades that players get at the end of dungeons 2 and 3, respectively.

The first is a Wampus Burrow mechanic that allows players to burrow into the ground and become invulnerable whenever they want. This can be used to dodge enemy projectiles or just assess a room from the safety of the underground.

The second is a Wampus Rock Bomb that can be used to clear specific obstacles or as simply another weapon option.

In addition to these abilities, I am updating many things so encourage players to make use of the abilities once they are unlocked.

To encourage players to make use of the burrow mechanic, I've updated all enemy projectiles to ignore solids. This not only reduces slowdown in the game, but it also gives players more of a reason to burrow when under a barrage of enemy projectiles.

To encourage Rock Bomb usage, I've added a lot of bomb-able barriers after dungeon 3.

I have also updated the final dungeon to encourage players to make use of all their collective abilities.

There may be more updates by the time the new build goes live.

Take care of yourself.



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Feb 06, 2021

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